About the 16’FT Skiffs at Manly 16s

16′ skiffs are a uniquely Australian high performance three person dinghy and the class has a long history being sailed for over 100 years at Manly. There is nowhere else in the world that you can mix in Olympic and International Class Sailors with Weekend Warriors for consistently close racing with the spectacular backdrop of Sydney Harbour.  The boat-on-boat racing is amazing.

Today’s skiffs have a three person crew, two on trapeze, and large mast head assymetrical spinnakers. Mixed Gender sailing is encouraged and very successful throughout all the fleets at Manly. There are consistently over 25-30 boats registered at Manly 16s. The club has excellent facilities and actively supports the sailing as a priority

The design rules also fixed the number of masts and sails which could be registered for the Australian Championship Series. Only two masts can be used and the number of sails is limited to three jibs, two main sails and two spinnakers. Boats utilise these sails in combinations to give different rig sizes which can be selected for optimal performance in different wind strengths.

16ft Skiffs are renowned in Australia for its fierce competition. What many don’t know is that it is accessible to all sailors. With a large community of current and previous skiff sailors, it can be sailed by anyone of all ages. With a large second hand market and a number of skiff clubs around Australia, it is easy to get a crew together and start your skiff journey.

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Manly 16ft Skiff Sailing Club