Skipper Phil Cooke has sailed at the Skiff Club for 34 Years. The team is known for light weather speed and port end starts. Tons of experience on board

Young Guns all 25 years and under. All came through the Juniors. 5-9 years on skiffs including the 13s

Veterans with over 20years in skiffs each. Brothers Chris and Ryan – came through F11s and Cherubs
Andrew “SAINT” John and genius twins Matt and Andrew are weekend warriors and 2nd last year in the Keg Cup. Always great smiles from this boat

is a 3 year sponsor of this team. These guys are solid performers having all come through Flying 11s and 13s.

This team are winners of 2022 Adam Barraclough Cup – for most outstanding youth performance – this team is one to watch
A quality boat with quality young sailors on board, with lots of experience across many fleets. Aged 19-34 with lots of potential.

are one of the youngest teams aged 20 – 21 Fireball crew are Students studying Medicine, Engineering and a Shipwright. All have come through the junior pathway and will be ones to watch in the coming seasons.

A famous boat at Manly 16s – Clint Bowen has 3 National Championships and an incredible 11 Club Championships under his belt since 2002.
team have 5 National Championships on this boat covering Cherubs, 505s 18ft Skiff and 16ft Skiffs. Always at the top of the fleet

New Boat and New Sponsor this team with 3 Olympic Gold Medals and multiple National Titles between them are a force to be reckoned with. Nathan and Mal were 2022/23  National Champions.

A new sponsor has joined the club with 3 very experienced sailors flying their branding. We can expect this team to perform well in all conditions.

Last years Club Champions Daniel Turner and Matt Stenta are joined this season by international sailor Simon Hoffman. Guaranteed to be at the very top of the fleet in this brand new boat.

NOZOMI is a new (2nd hand) boat for the youngest team in the 16ft fleet. Max and Tom are former 13’Skiff National Champions. Hugo is only 16 and joins the Manly Fleet from the Hornsby Kuringai Club.

Georgia and Alanna Clancy have been sailing at the Skiffies since teenagers. They have been role models for the junior girls in the sport,  Rob Crawford and James Doyle will share the Mainsheet role adding some weight to the boat.
A striking branded  red boat, skippered by accomplished Jesse Dransfield still in High School. Experienced campaigners Jay Harris and Greg Windust on the wire. An exciting combination this season.
Manly welcomes Natalia Wisniewski to the fleet this year. Skipper Bruce Savage has a pedigree previously sailing the Atlanta & Barcelona Olympics in lasers for South Africa and Match Racing. He has been in  the skiff fleet for 10 years.
Lots of talent here, Felix’s Junior career was National Champion in Sabots, F11s, 13s. The team has been together 10 years and after a States win – looking now for the National title.

boasts 75 seasons of experience at Manly.  Ant King has 3 x  National Championships and is also the finance director of the club steering a steady course.

team is going to be flexible this year with owner and 30-year veteran Matt traveling. The core team includes rookie Alfie Johnson and Steve Cotton a regular of 25 seasons

team always have a smile on their faces. Michael Koerner boasts an international junior 29er pathway while Josh Ponton and James Lawira-Fernandez came through the Manly Junior pathway. Massive improvement over the last few years for this team.

has a long history at the club. This chapter has owner Craig Nicholls back at the helm after chartering it out to the winners of  last years National title.  Lots of off-shore sailing experience in this crew.

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